Monday, 30 November 2015

November Summary

Should I call it a success? Meh.

My goals were to exercise every other day, and to journal four times a week, while keeping up with a blog.

My exercising was better than average, though I didn’t make it to every other day consistently. For a couple weeks, I journaled four times, but more often three. I did, however, get up some decent blog posts.

So, I didn’t meet my goals, but I had marked improvement. However, there was a bit of a cost. In my efforts to add virtues to my life, other things got neglected. Changing my routine caused some memory lapses, most notably in sending the wrong medication to daycare (I had some quality shitting-on-myself time over that one, but no harm done). So I learned a thing or two about stretching myself too thin, and adopted a morning checklist to keep my duties straight. I did learn something about motivation, though.

At the local bookstore, I found a book about Navy SEALs. Holy crap, those guys are intense! The devotion to excellence is truly inspiring, not to mention their eagerness to keep learning, no matter the source. As right and proper as it is to take issue with the politics & economics of war, I have to say, these gents lit a fire under my ass!

For my next step, I have an appointment on Dec. 1 for a quit-smoking program. I’ve done it before, but it didn’t last more than a few months. I wasn’t planning to do that until the New Year, but hey, never a bad time for that, eh?

I think that that will be quite enough goal for December, but I plan to have a Back In The Saddle month in January. After all of the holiday craziness, it will be a good time to refocus. Let’s be accountable to be better!  

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